Mark J. Cohen (surgeon)

Following residency, Cohen completed his training with a post-doctoral fellowship in corneal transplantation surgery and laser vision correction of the cornea at the University of Montreal. Cohen is clinical instructor and lecturer in refractive surgery at McGill University and the University of Sherbrooke. This facility is a non-hospital based facility accredited site by the College of Physicians of Quebec for the training of laser vision correction to ophthalmic surgery residents.

Cohen was a clinical assessor for Bausch and Lomb for the zero compression Hansatome microkeratome, specifically designed to allow for safer and thinner corneal flaps for LASIK surgery. As of 2007, LASIK MD performs approximately 40% of the laser vision correction procedures in Canada. Cohen completed his medical degree (MD, CM) and specialization in ophthalmology (FRCSC) at McGill University.

Residents from these training programs receive their clinical training at the LASIK MD facility in Montreal. While President, LASIK MD was named one of Canada s Best 50 managed companies in a competition organized by the National Post and Deloitte s. In 2007, Cohen was awarded the Bank of Montreal Arista award organized by the Young Chamber of Commerce of Montreal as Quebec’s leading Young Professional for the year. .

He is one of two National Medical Directors for LASIK MD (2001-present). Cohen is the President of LASIK MD (2001-present) and Cataract MD (2001-present). In 2000, he co-authored the Quebec government’s Council for the Evaluation of Health Care Technology s report on LASIK and PRK, a document designated for the public.

This accreditation was obtained via the University of Sherbrooke. Cohen is a certified C-LASIK instructor, one of 14 surgeons in North America with the designation to teach LASIK by the developers of the first LASIK microkeratome (Chiron). At McGill, Cohen was a recipient of the Holmes Gold Medal, awarded to the graduate with the highest aggregate academic standing upon completion of medical school.

Mark J. In 2001, he and Avi Wallerstein founded LASIK MD, Canada s largest provider of laser refractive surgery.

Cohen is a Canadian laser eye surgeon who practices in Montreal and Toronto.