Corneal epithelium

It consists of several layers of cells. The cells of the deepest layer are columnar; then follow two or three layers of polyhedral cells, the majority of which are prickle cells similar to those found in the stratum mucosum of the cuticle. Lastly, there are three or four layers of squamous cells, with flattened nuclei. Epithelial ingrowth is a LASIK complication in which cells from the cornea surface layer (epithelial cells) begin to grow underneath the corneal flap. Epithelial ingrowth is a rarely occurring LASIK complication, appearing in less than one percent of LASIK procedures. This complication is not present in PRK or other non-flap vision correction procedures. Inner limiting membrane • Nerve fiber layer • Ganglion cell layer • Inner plexiform layer • Inner nuclear layer Outer plexiform layer • Outer nuclear layer . The corneal epithelium (epithelium corneæ anterior layer) is made up of epithelial tissue and covers the front of the cornea.