Luke. In this song, Clarkson laments her relationship with a man who has broken her heart and who does not care about how much he hurt her. The lyrics are based on a true story, and are about an ex-boyfriend of Clarkson s (David Hodges formerly of Evanescence) who left her in order to marry his other girlfriend. In a recent 2008 interview, Clarkson revealed that at one point Behind These Hazel Eyes was going to be the working title for her album Breakaway , (later considering being dropped from the album completely) but quickly changed due to the growing popularity of the single of the same name Breakaway .

The video ends with her stepping out the doors into the bright sunlight, although it was raining and gloomy the entire video. Behind These Hazel Eyes continued Clarkson s streak of domination in Radio airplay. They see each other and the Kelly that was singing in the dark swampland then sings to the bride, comforting her.

Like all of the singles from Breakaway, the song also had huge longevity, spending 30 weeks inside the Top 40. She then appears back at the church, exchanging vows with her fiance.

On Top 40 radio, the song soared into the Top 3, and eventually would spend 9 weeks at #2, stuck behind Mariah Carey s hit single We Belong Together . She sits down so her friends can fix her hair and she sees a picture of her fiance with another woman, he is in a tuxedo while the woman is in a wedding dress.

Kelly unveils the other bride to be the woman from the picture. She is then seen walking down the aisle of the church, her dress now black, but there is a woman standing at the alter already with Kelly s fiance.

Kelly then runs out of the church and into a dark swampland, where she collapses as her ex and the other woman kiss. Like Breakaway and Since U Been Gone , the song hit the top ten of the U.S.

When it first reached the top ten, Since U Been Gone was still in the top ten. Despite being unable to reach #1 on Top 40 Radio, the song did reach #1 on Adult Top 40 radio, making it Clarkson s first #1 on that format.

Throughout the video, she was seen singing with her band in the same dark swampland. Luke and was co-produced by Max Martin and Dr.

Behind These Hazel Eyes is the third single (the second in Europe) from Breakaway, the second album by pop singer, Kelly Clarkson. Released in 2005, the song was co-written by Clarkson, Max Martin, and Dr. Both songs were also in the top three of the Pop 100 Airplay charts at the same time, making her the only artist to accomplish this.

Kelly then shoves her way past the wedding guests who try to stop her from leaving. She sees a tiny smile the two exchange, the woman blows her fiance a kiss,she reaches for the ring, and throws it at him and then she leaves him at the altar, throwing her wedding bouquet into the lap of the other woman in the process.

Billboard Hot 100, peaking at #6 for four consecutive weeks and spending a further six consecutive weeks at #7. When Kelly sees the picture, a storm forms outside and the women are unable to close the windows,the storm blows leaves into the room from the window.Her bridesmaids run out of the room while Kelly stays, allowing her hair and dress to be swept up by the strong winds.

Other titles she said were considered were Walk Away (later released as a single) and Hear Me . At the beginning of the music video, Clarkson appears in a wedding dress in a room, surrounded by her bridesmaids as they prepare for her wedding. Before he puts the ring on her finger, she looks at the guests and sees the other woman.

Behind These Hazel Eyes remains as Clarkson s only song to reach the top ten in New Zealand to date, peaking at number seven. .