Lasik Plus

The company performs LASIK, PRK and monovision procedures. According to the company, Stephen Joffe founded LCA-Vision and was also its chairman and chief executive officer. He founded a successful laser technology device company and later, a laser surgery management business with hospitals and medical centers throughout the US as clients.

Joffe became interested in opthalmological laser technology in 1991, after Canadian approval of the first laser vision correction procedures. Following approval of a laser vision correction treatment by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in 1995 Joffe opened the first laser vision correction center in the US, in Cincinnati.

Expansion began in 1996 and by 1998 LCA Vision was marketing its services to consumers under the LasikPlus brand. . LCA-Vision is a provider of photorefractive keratectomy in the United States.

By the mid-1990s the company had implemented over 80 multi-specialty surgery programs. The company opened its first center in December 1995 at Cincinnati, Ohio shortly after FDA approval of the procedure.

Before this Joffe was a practicing general surgeon and tenured, full professor at the University of Cincinnati Academic Health Center and in the 1970s was an early advocate of applying laser technology in medical disciplines.